Dumbest question ever

Some survey once showed that the dumbest question known to mankind is “Are you sleeping?” I don’t get it. That seems like a perfectly valid question. If you get no answer it means “yes” and if you get any answer at all it means “no”. Couldn’t be simpler.

No the dumbest question ever must surely be this one:

It is also probably the one question computer users are asked most often. I feel this most pointless of all questions can only be properly answered like this (click to enlarge):

I recently started using Scrivener, and it is intelligent enough to just assume that you want to keep your changes when you close a document; it automatically saves while you’re working on it. It also assumes that you are intelligent enough to use the “undo” command if you have made changes you don’t want to keep. I wish more applications would have this kind of confidence in its users.

  • I have to disagree. I generally create simple documents just for mockups and don’t want to save the contents anywhere. Why would I; what I did most likely accomplished its purpose and I don’t need it anymore locally on my harddrive.
    TextEdit is a very good example actually. Its always open and I draft stuff with it sending the results to where they are needed. Sometimes I close it accidentally as it was open but there was no open documents thus I need cancel, I can normally say don’t save anything as it just takes space from the HD, seldom, if I have something midway I need to save something.
    All of us have different needs and this dialogue facilitates both yours and mine.

    • Okay TextEdit was probably not the best example, but for larger applications I think this dialogue box is unnecessary. And this box does not facilitate my needs, because I need the application to quit when I tell it to quit, without asking silly questions. There should at least be a little checkbox to tell it to not show this box again and just autosave. Also for people who are not very tech savvy it doesn’t make any sense to have to save your work after you’ve performed it.

      And this doesn’t happen often, but on rare occasions I have actually managed to press the wrong button and lose whatever work I have just performed. I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating than that.

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