TextSmith – an application for writing

In The ultimate word processor, I described my ideal application for writing. Here is a much more thorough description of its key features and basic workflow:


It’s a bit hard to classify, but here goes:

  • Integrated Writing Environment:
    Like the Integrated Development Environments (IDE) programmers use, it tries to provide writers with all the tools they need, and lets them adapt it to their workflow.
  • Semantic Text Editor:
    It lets you describe what the text means as opposed to how it looks.
  • Word Processor:
    This term is normally used for Word, OpenOffice, Pages etc, but these are more page layout applications than literally “word processors”. TextSmith, with its various plug-ins for importing, transforming and exporting text, can literally perform “word processing”.

But the best description is probably just “Writing Application” (as in; an application for writing).

The ultimate word processor

The ultimate writing software should let you:

  • go back to any previous version of any part of the text.
  • keep different versions of the same part of the text, and easily switch between them.
  • focus on content and structure.
  • write any type of text meant for humans.
  • export to any format imaginable.
  • collaborate with other people.

In May 2004, Adam C. Engst wrote about WriteRight: The Writer’s Word Processor where he laid out his idea of the perfect word processor. Over 6 1/2 years later there is still no such thing. Scrivener is a major leap forward but I feel it is still lacking in some areas, so here I have outlined my own ideas for the perfect writing software. Unfortunately all the good names are taken. The mediocre ones too. So I give you:

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