Added mySettings to GitHub

I finally added mySettings to GitHub, using the marvel that is hg-git. It allows me to continue using mercurial, and to push and pull from git repositories. The project on GitHub can be found here. The main place for mySettings will still be on BitBucket, I’m just uploading the code to GitHub to see if it will attract more users and contributors.

  • Gunjan

    Hi Kare,
    Thanks for the mySettings project.
    I am a newbie programmer.
    I am using xcode 4.0 for creating a similar settings view as you have done in the mySettings project. I would like to learn how to add a cell that is editable to a table view i.e a custom cell (in your project a cell similar to “intended” cell). Though i have the mySettings project, but still as I said I am new to programming, I am not able to understand the flow and know only to create one by using IB.
    Can you please help me to create such a custom cell which has a label and editable content that can later be saved to a database by clicking on the navigationrightbutton at the top. Also i need to scroll the view to the height of the keyboard only if the editable cell selected does not come in view. i tried doing this using the cgrect and change the frame of the table view but it is buggy and does not give desired results.

    Any help would be appreciated.