FootlessParser: updated documentation and readme

The FootlessParser project is finally becoming usable and now has brand-new documentation generated by jazzy. The readme has also received some attention and is now actually useful:

FootlessParser is a simple and pretty naive implementation of a parser combinator in Swift. It enables infinite lookahead, non-ambiguous parsing with error reporting.

Also check out a series of blog posts about the development and documentation from the source code.


In short, FootlessParser lets you define parsers like this:

function1 and parser3 return the same type.

parser will pass the input to parser1 followed by parser2, pass their results to function1 and return its result. If that fails it will pass the original input to parser3 and return its result.


CSV parser

Here a cell (or field) either:

  • begins with a “, then contains anything, including commas, tabs and newlines, and ends with a ” (both quotes are discarded)
  • or is unquoted and contains anything but a comma or a newline.

Each row then consists of one or more cells, separated by commas and ended by a newline. The extend function joins the cells together into an array.
Finally the csvparser collects zero or more rows into an array.

To perform the actual parsing:

The parse function returns a Result which if successful contains the output from the parser, or in case of failure contains the error.


Using Carthage

Then run carthage update.

Follow the current instructions in Carthage’s README for up to date installation instructions.